Short Story

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Story 1. Submitted By: Anonymous20
Title Sleepover

Me and my friend Mick had a birthday on the same day on are parent let us have a sleepover i believe it was on are 9th B-day after a day of video games food and laughter it was time to go to bed I and Mick were in one room and are parents were in another talking BS I was listening to that then i heard mick call My name i said what and look at him we where on the floor on a Paled He shined a flashlight in my face and said what to do something fun i said sure next thing i know he was on zipping me pants and sucking me off he was a good sucker then i did the same to him about five minutes of sucking he finally lied me flat on the plaid and penetrated my Butt felt so good he finally came inside of me then then ate all his Cum out of me that was my first time soon later his dad walk in and said time to go home are parent had gotten in a fight luckily we got are cloths on back in time.


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